Top 10 Cool Facts About The World in 2023

Top 10 Cool Facts About The World in 2023:-You are looking very excited to know the Top 10 awesome and cool Facts About the World. We Have Found these world facts just for our readers and visitors which means only for you. Continue to read these amazing World Facts, you will really like these cool facts about the world.

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Top 10 Cool Facts About The World in 2023


Here are some cool and amazing World Facts

  • Madame Curie’s Notebooks are still Radioactive and Researchers want to Read out and study them.
Not Only the notebook but Clothes, Furniture, and cookbooks of Marie Curie are still Radioactive. It is More than 100 Years past but the Marie Curie’s Stuff are still Radioactive. Marie Curie didn’t expect that the Radiation could be much dangerous than expected.
  • Two-Thirds of the People on Earth Never Seen Snow.
This may be Valid Guess that there are 7.7 Billion people on the earth, but only the One-Third of the 7.7 Billion people have seen the snow in Real-Time. Two-Third of the 7.7 Billion People had still never seen the Snow in Real-Time.
  • A Hummingbird’s Weight is less than the penny.
Weight of HummingBird is almost less than the Penny, The weight of penny is nearly about 3-4 Grams and Weight of HummingBird is also between the 2-20 Grams. Bee HummingBird is almost weighed 5-10 Grams.
  • A JellyFish is made up of almost 95 percent Water.
A JellyFish Do not have the Eyes, Brain, and Heart. Sometimes jellyfish may be very dangerous for humans, that jellyfish can kill a Fully grown Human. 95 Percent of jellyfish is made up of water and the remaining 5 percent of jellyfish contains Proteins, Muscles, and Nerves cells.
  • It Would Take 1000 Years to Watch the all Videos on YouTube.
The counting of the total number of videos on YouTube always Fluctuates because new videos are getting uploaded each second and every time. There are lots of videos on YouTube as much as more than 275 Million Videos. So watching every video on youtube may take more than 1000 Years.
  • The Tongue is that the Strongest Muscle within the physical body.
The Tongue of Humans is made up of more than a single Muscle, the human tongue contains different eight muscles. 
  • Our Eyes Remains always an equivalent size from Birth, But Nose and Ears never stop growing.
Our Nose and Ears are made up of cartilage so That they never stop growing whereas our eyes never grow and remain always in the same size.
  • There’s a Website that tracks the Real-time Population of the World.
World Population Clock is the Website that tracks the real-Time world population, Census, sheets, graphs, and maps. To Check Out the real-time world population Click Here for tech Blogs.
  • Facebook has more users than the Total Combined population of the U.S, China, and Brazil.
The Population of China is more than 1.4 Billion and the Internet Users in China are more than 854 Million and the total number of Facebook Users are 2.6 Billion Active Users.
  • Tokyo is the largest city in the world having 37 million inhabitants.
Tokyo is Still Largest City in the World having 37 Million inhabitants for 10 Years, but Delhi having to pass it for 10 Years. Tokyo is the largest metropolitan city in the World. 

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