Scam 2003 : Who is Abdul Karim Telgi and who is Telgi’s wife Shahida & what happened to her?

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Scam 2003 : The telgi story :- So guys today our team will provide you all informations and fact of Scam 2003 the story is real or fack and all about abdul karim telgi that how he done a india’s biggest scam So guys yes this is true the scam 2003 is done by Abdul karim telgi and itroduce it by name of Scam 2003 so lets dive into the full details review of movie and all details about abdul karim telgi .

Scam 2003 : Who is Abdul Karim Telgi and who is Telgi’s wife Shahida & what happened to her?
Scam 2003 : Who is Abdul Karim Telgi and who is Telgi’s  wife Shahida & what happened to her?

Scam 2003 : Who is Abdul Karim Telgi and who is Telgi’s wife Shahida & what happened to her?


Abdul Karim Telgi Biography– Overview
Bio graphy Abdul Karim Telgi
Important points
  1. Abdul Karim Telgi  Biography
  2. Abdul Karim Telgi – Daughter
  3. Abdul Karim Telgi – Wife
  4. Abdul Karim Telgi – Death reason complete
Full name Name Abdul Karim Telgi
Nick Name Karim Lala
Father’s Name NA
Mother’s Name Shariefabee Ladsaab Telgi
Date of Birth 29 July 1961
Place of Birth Khanapur, Belgaum, Karnataka
for stamp Stamp Paper Scam
Wife’s Name Shahida Telgi
Daughter’s Name Sana
Died 23 Oct 2017 56 years old
Place of Death Bengaluru Central Jail

Who is Abdul Karim Telgi

Abdul Karim Telgi :- Abdul Karim Telgi is one of the most famous fraudsters in India and he is also known as Karim Lala. Who perpetrated one of India’s largest frauds, the stamp paper scam? and we know is the name of Scam 2003 and this is all done by abdul karim telgi and The scale of Telgi’s stamp paper swindle suggests that he employed more than 300 MBA specialists to handle his financial records.

He was born in Khanpur, Belgaum, Karnataka, on July 29, 1961. His family belongs to the middle class. in staring his father working on the railways for help him and his father do regular work for the Indian Railways, Karim’s father managed to provide for his family. Karim had gone to Khanpur for his early education.

Scam 2003 : Who is Abdul Karim Telgi and who is Telgi’s wife Shahida & what happened to her?

abdul karim telgi wife

abdul karim telgi wife :- shahida Telgi is a life partner of Abdul Karim Telgi,and she is the mastermind player of this scam that are done by and the brains behind the phony stamp paper trick . She started a best as truly newsworthy since her better half’s criminal operations are the subject for all plateform done by the spine chiller made by Hansal Mehta.

abdul karim telgi wife death

abdul karim telgi wife death :- his wife name is shahida teligi and his is still alive and living in india and no one know’s where is is living beacuse of there provacy issue she changes there house after geeting know about the abdul telgi scam that are done in 2003 and after death of abdul karim telgi she requested to government of karnatka to take all his property as a punishment for this scam doned by abdul karim telgi and also requested to don’t provide there personal information to anyone about his daughter and herself .

She belongs form  Khanpur, Belgaum, Karnataka. Sana is the girl of Shahida telgi  and Abdul Karim Telgi.

Who is Sana Talikoti?

who is sana talikoti :-  sana Talikoti is Abdul Karim Telgi’s daughter Irfan Talikoti is a victim of the fake stamp and paper scam. She tellls the writers of the online series “Scam 2003 — The  Abdul Karim Lala Telgi story,” which is purportedly based on his life, in Mumbai in December 2022.

Abdul Karim Telgi Death reason

He is spending there life in jailed of Bengaluru since 2003 for the Stamp Paper Scam, and she has been there her entire life. Even though other political figures from Maharashtra and police officers were implicated in this fraud, he was only punished for it. In accordance with the news, he had diabetes and hypertension. when abdul karim telgi is the age of 56 he got death in the jail of bengaluru .

Abdul Karim Telgi Daughter

Abdul karim Telgi daughter :- abdul karim telgi’s daughter and his mother is away from all social media and public activity that aare done by abdul karim telgi and after request in central court in mumbai his daughter and wife is live in india but maximum people don’t know able to show there pulic identity ..

abdul karim telgi partner

abdul karim telgi partner :- Abdul karim has some partners in there time of scam in starting of 1994 he got one partner in jail but after some time they leave there partnership because of abdul karim speed because abdul karim telgi want’s to get more money soon and after some time they got some more partner’s for work with them but all are not able to work they only work for money and all and all information are not publicly available to provide .

abdul karim telgi property

abdul karim telgi property :- in starting he has no property but after going in mumbai he starting generate money by doing fake stemp paper scam and they earn lot from them and then he buyed many property in mumbai as well as karnatka and now the time h Abdul Telgi’s properties were worth Rs. 100 crores

Who Was Abdul Karim Telgi’s Wife?

Shahida is the name of abdul karim telgi’s wife name and he is supporting to his husband and always work with him and they done love marriage and after then they have a cute girl named sana but the details about abdul karim’s wife and abdul karim’s daughter details are not publicaly available . 

abdul karim telgi family

abdul karim telgi family :- abdul karim telgi family includes his wife and his daughter and also include his brother and mother and at there home his wife’s father also live with them and this is all about abdul karim telgi family .

Abdul karim telgi Education

abdul karim telgi Education :- abdul Karim got a master’s degree in psychology and after completing his education, he spent seven years in Saudi Arabia before returning to India. His return was never good news for the country. He attended Sarvodaya Vidyalaya English Medium High School in Khanapur to finish his education before attending the University of Allahabad in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India, for graduation. after that he starting finding jobs but unable to find it then he start doing scam by selling fack stemp paper scam are done .

abdul karim telgi brother politician

abdul karim telgi brother politician :- Abdul Karim Telgi has three brothers and when he go in jail abdul akrim decided to enter his brother in politics that means he helps and his youngest brother became the president of Khanapur town municipality. and after the scam done by abdul karim telgi he caught by police and got in jail and then he brother also get caught by police and got in jail from lst five years .

Telgi’s daughter moves court against Hansal Mehta’s web-series on stamp paper scam

Telgi’s daughter moves court against Hansal Mehta’s web-series on stamp paper scam :- In mumbai Sana Irfan Talikoti is the Abdul Karim Telgi’s daughter and he has filed a case againsts the biggest scam in india that was done by abdul karim telgi named  “Scam 2003—The Curious Case of Abdul Karim Lala Telgi” in the City Civil Court in Mumbai . and she has requested not to publish the movie in before taking permission of there Faimly . and all are done in Scam 2003 .

When Telgi Once looted 93 lakhs on a Bar Dancer in One Night:

Abdul karim telgi spent 93 lakhs on a bar dance on that night he go in bar just like he go regularly and that day he meet a person and he is spending lots of money on a bar girl and abdul karim telgi started comption with that guys after spending about 1 lakhs the money ended and the another person giving that a dailog ( aukkat h isse  jayda karne ki )then abdul karim telgi got lots of angry then he call his person and take 90 lakhs money and all he spent on that bar girl that night and all the money that he earned from selling stemp paper and from that day  He was a scammer  and a person with a colorful personality in real life. The tale of Telgi’s climb from poverty to affluence has been extensively written about. However, his obsession with false goods was also evident in his private life. Telgi frequently patronized the Pukhraj Bar on Grant Road in Mumbai, where he would watch the dancers perform.

It was well-known that this club would employ dancers who resembled or imitated Bollywood actresses. According to reports, Telgi was a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit and met the similarly attractive dancer Taranum Khan in a pub. Telgi complimented Taranum’s body curve but did nothing else with her.

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