Nipah virus news 2023 – कोरोना से ज्यादा खतरनाक है निपाह वायरस!

Nipah virus:-  Today we are talking about a new topic this topic  Name is Nipah Virus. time ago you know about 2019 and this virus affected a lot of people. Nipah virus is a bat-borne virus
Nipah virus is a bat-borne, zoonotic virus. It causes Nipah virus infections in humans and other animals, a disease with a high mortality rate. Several outbreaks of disease caused by the Nipah virus have occurred in Southeast Asia and North East Africa.
Nipah virus

Nipah virus news 2023 – कोरोना से ज्यादा खतरनाक है निपाह वायरस!

There has been no outbreak in Malaysia or Singapore since 1999. Whereas India and Bangladesh are facing problems almost every year. This virus is different from one person to another. JC NIV Key Global Pandemic Pedagogue’s Possibility or Concern Bharati is going to be the same
NiV is a member of the Paramyxoviridae family, the motility henipaviruses. It is a zoological virus, that is, it starts in the stock and among the people.
If it is detected in people, NiV can also be found from person to person.
NiV infections range from symptomatic to severe, with NiV virus infections killing 40%–70% of people in outbreaks documented between 1998 and 2018.

This virus spreads first from animal to person and then from person to person.

What is the Nipah virus?

Nipah virus was first discovered in Malaysia or Singapore in 1999. It may have been discovered for the first time in Singapore or Malaysia or after the spread of the disease. Under this, 300 people are allowed. Or there were more than 100 deaths in this. This disease had a huge economic impact. Because 1 million pigs were killed in this outbreak.


When was the Nipah virus discovered?

here we are told we where the Nipah virus was discovered I hope in this article we provide information and fulfill your doubts and knowledge if you like this article please follow our page and enjoy and gain knowledge.

So this virus has been in Malaysia or Singapore since 1999.

Prevention and protection from the Nipah virus

Currently, there is no license available for Nipah virus infection. There is no treatment available. Treatment is limited to supportive care. This includes treatment of your symptoms including rest and hydration plan and treatment of symptoms etc. because immunotherapy is not available. Treatment, which includes monoclonal antibody therapy, is currently being developed and evaluated for the treatment of NIB infection. The first phase has been completed. This includes monoclonal antibody and M102.4 and is used on a compassionate basis. Additionally, there are several reasons why antiviral treatment remedies are effective in humans when given post-exposure prophylactics. There are several reasons why Malaysians were less infected in the initial NIB outbreak, so they were treated with the drug Riba Viren, but this is not clear. Is.

  • Many countries are in the grip of NIV due to the outbreak of the Nipah virus, including Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Singapore, etc.
  • To avoid this, you should take some precautions and safety.
  • First of all, you should avoid going to areas where bats live or stay away from that area.
  • Second, wash hands regularly with soap and water. Third, avoid eating products that contain food contaminated by bats, such as raw date juice, raw fruits, ground fruits, etc. Avoid contact with any person or body known to be infected with NIB. Avoid contact with liquids
  • Because NIB infection spreads from one person to another and then to other people, you can regularly go to the hospital and get yourself checked.
  • If you are infected with this post, then start treatment immediately. Other geographical places are still at risk of outbreak in the future, hence people living in those areas should not come in contact with birds and animals. Tourists should also be careful. You can visit the treatment equipment of animals living in their homes
  • This will clear your message to confirm whether the animal is infected with the virus or not. It also spreads from person to person.
  • Therefore, to prevent this, you should be careful, and polish the fruit or fruit bats should not come in contact with other objects most importantly, if you do not know about it, then first get information about it from the news so that you can know in time what is its cause. What to save and how to save it.

The country affected by this Nipah virus.


So here we are showing some countries infected with this Nipah virus and outbreaks in India Malaysia Bangladesh Philippines Singapore.

And another countries  where Pteropus bat species are known:  Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, China, Guam, India, Indonesia, Laos, Mariana Islands, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam

FAQ-Nipah virus

Is Nipah virus in India?

There is a report not sure but since then this disease has mainly been recorded in Bangladesh and India both countries reported their first outbreaks in 2001 so we are not completely sure but some cases in India because recently year more than 100 people have died of this virus. In since 2001.


क्या लोग निपाह वायरस से बच सकते हैं?

According to the press conference, the ICMRD on Friday said that covid cases compared to **** virus rate is higher. And the morality rate is 40 to 70%. But he said in a major relief to the state government, the State government sent eleven samples for testing and returned negative results for this virus.


Does the Nipah virus spread through the air?

According to this virus is not spared through the air but this infected person to person first stage infected animals to person and second person to person and a person or by coming into contact with reflected foods and another worker not wearing marks or gloves so easily infected this virus is possible that she may have separate the disease throat contact wa ith surface like encounters so if you doubt so you cheque out and gothe to hospital.



So in this article, we provide all the information and your doubt questions and safety and protection from this Nipah virus. I hope you read our blog and like it if you like it and is useful for you you message in the comments box thank you.

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