Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 2023

Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 2023:- In this article, we are talking  About the Chief Minister Meritorious Students Initiative Scheme. Under the Chief Minister’s Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme, students who have secured 85 percent or more marks in the 12th class CBSE/ICSE examination of the Board of Secondary Education held in 2016 or later will get the benefit. To help those families to educate their talented children the CM of Rajasthan Vasundhra Raje introduced CM Higher Education Scholarship Scheme 2023 with the Education Department of Rajasthan

Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 2023

Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 2023

 In This blog, the Chief Minister talks about the Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 2023 and the benefits of this scheme.  the CM of Rajasthan Vasundhra Raje introduced the CM Higher Education Scholarship Scheme 2023. the 12th standard secondary education board held in 2016 or later, will get benefits. Covering educational fees for someone is the biggest thing you pay to that person. India is a country of diversity, talent is hidden behind tall buildings. We have many talented and talented students who will be a great future for our country shortly. But as we know many families are not financially well enough to educate their children fully. To help those families educate their talented children, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje launched the Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Scheme 2023 with the Rajasthan Education Department. The scheme will offer financial assistance to children who cannot afford its expenses in the form of scholarships.

How to Apply in Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 2023

How to Apply in Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 2023 : For apply in chief minister meritorious students incentive scheme 2023 fill the given form are provided below :-

Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 2023

why? Importance of the scholarship of higher education of the Minister Principal

In this article we are talking about the Rajasthan Scholarship of Higher Education so here your question is why the importance of this scholarship of higher education the minister principal so is that simple is Mostly poor and middle-class families not offered good education because the problem money S this state government help your study because if you Adopt good education without any hesitation so definitely you become a good person in your field and your future is secure and also help your state and economic growth.

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Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 20238

Rajasthan is a developing state; To further develop this, the state aims to educate talented but financially weak students. To address this problem, the Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Program has been launched, where financial assistance of Rs. 5000 will be distributed to the selected students. This beneficiary amount will be given to the student on completion of higher education. A student must pass number 12 to get admission to the scholarship program .

If you want to continue your studies and change your financial situation, this scholarship will be a great opportunity.
Many students cannot continue their studies due to poor financial conditions, but now all their problems will be solved. Just visit the official website and fill out the application form.


1. M.P. Domicile.

2. Should have earned a minimum of 70 percent marks on passing 12th standard board of secondary education and a minimum of 85 percent marks on passing CBSE / ICSC.

3. The annual income of the father/guardian is Rs. Less than 6.00 lakhs.

CM Higher Education Scholarship

Launched by Department of Education , Rajasthan
 Scholarship Name CM Higher Education Scholarship Program
Purpose for this To provide a scholarship to students who can’t afford higher education
Benefits of this method Scholarship amount – Rs. 5000
 Criteria Eligibility Students from weak financial families
 Application type Online and offline
Official Website

Eligibility Criteria Higher Education of Rajasthan

All candidates who wish to apply for the scholarship must comply with the following criteria :-

  • The candidate who wants to apply for the scholarship must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan.The annual family income of
  • The candidate should not exceed Rs. 2.5 lakh
  • The student who has been placed among the first 100,000 students in the preliminary list of the junta is eligible to apply.
  • If a student is from another state, he can also join this scheme because of.
  • If you wish to be selected for the scholarship, you must apply in class 12 with a minimum score of 60%.


Benefits of the Minister Principal’s Higher Education Scholarship Program

The fees payable by the students in all the colleges and subsidized non-government colleges of the state government, including B Sc, BA, BCom, and all other courses of graduation will be borne by the state government.

  1. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan launched the Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Scheme to promote education in the
  2. State among students belonging to EWS families.
  3. The scholarship will cover students who have completed their twelfth grade and wish to pursue graduation courses.
  4. This scholarship will help deserving students continue their studies and develop their careers.
  5. This scholarship will be given by the Education Department.
  6. Selected students will receive financial support for their education in the form of a scholarship that will cover all educational expenses.
Important Dates For CM Higher Education Scholarship
 Document Required for CM Scholarship
  • Birth Certificate
  • Educational diploma
  • Mobile phone
  • Aadhar card
  • Income document
  • Income document
  • Financial passbook
  • A passport-sized photo
  • Bonafide certificate

 Scholarship Scheme CM Higher Education Apply Online

Simply hear the steps listed below should be followed by all interested persons who wish to apply for the Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship.


1. The application will have to be made on the portal by the due date.
2. Admission will be free.

 Here are some  Contact Details-

Here are some contact details I hope you easily find out and helpful for you simply go to your phone and check out your email and some phone numbers.

  • Address: Department Of College Education ,
    • Jaipur- 0141-2706106 Email ID:
  • Rajasthan Para-Medical Council Jaipur- 0141-2973804, paramedical council
    • Email:raj[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Department Of Sanskrit Education
    • Jaipur- 0141-2706608, director[dot]sanskrit[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Department Of Technical Education
    • Jodhpur- 0291-2434395,7424984084,8696555859, dte_raj[at]yahoo[dot]com

FAQ- Chief Minister Meritorious Students Incentive Scheme 2023

Did I need permission from the directorate to register myself as a research advisor in a recognized university?

No, you do not need to obtain authorization from the Directorate; However, you must submit your application to the university recognized by the Chancellor in the required format.

If I want to apply for a university academic position, was it necessary for me to submit my application through the Directorate?

No, as per the current circular, you only need to apply through your head office for an N.O.C. of the Directorate.

How many recycling sessions are necessary for a selection scale?

The person in question must complete an orientation and a refresher course to obtain a higher level if they have a Ph.D. is not If they do, they will need to complete two refresher courses after attaining the senior ladder.

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