Can I Start My Career at 30?

Can I Start my Career at 30? This has been asked by many People in today’s time. Everyone is thinking that i can do something new at this age?
The Answer is Yes, you can start career at 30. just, you have to clear your vision in your life. you need to focus on what you want from your life at all.

How Can I Start my Career at 30?

  1. Face your weaknesses first.
  2. You ask yourself what kind of career you want to Start, but before that you have to see what Career you want to start.
  3. Make your plan according to your skillset or if you want to do something new, aquire new skills.
  4. Start from little, don’t go for big initially.
  5. Start by Changing your Small Habits for your Mental and Personal Growth.
Can I Start my Career at 30?
Can I Start my Career at 30?

What things should be taken care of before starting a Career at 30?

  1. why do you want to Start your Career at your 30’s,
  2. why are you thinking about starting a career at this age and why are you thinking at this age and what are you doing before that.
  3. Are you Financially stable to start your career at your 30’s, or is there any responsibility on you?
  4. are you able to take risk at this age? because at this age group main concern is taking risk for starting something new or starting from scratch.
  5. you have to face mentlly or physically many challenges, you need to prepare yourself for difficult conditions.

Can I start my career from scratch at the age of 30?

Just do Do simple things to start your career at 30, that will yield you best output.
simple things like a SWOT analysis.
Do a honest SWOT analysis of yourself and get it reviewed by your close friend/spouse who can give a honest feedback.
Assuming, you are a zero, and starting from fresh.
Focus on Domain/Technology/Industry/Hobby where you are good at and start improving it, and learn. “There is no end for learning!”

Always, have SMART goals
S – specific, significant, stretching
M – measurable, meaningful, motivational
A – agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented
R – realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
T – time-based, time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable

You will be successful. Remember, starting a Career at 30 is a very small age to achieve when Colonel Sanders (Founder of KFC) can achieve it at the age of 65!

I am 30 years old. What can I start doing at this age so that I could get a job in IT?
yes Definitely. If you are from IT background then it will be easy for you but you need to work very hard to get an opportunity to enter in IT sector.

Can I Start my Career at 30?
Can I Start my Career at 30?

For Example : in 2017, I was in the same situation you are now. I have completed my from IT branch in 2014 and then I was preparing for government exam. Unfortunately i did not get selected in any government exam. And I had given almost 3 year for preparing government job but did not get any success in this. Then I decided to move to Bangalore and there I started applying in every company for job. but did not get a single offer because lack of my IT skills and 3 years career gap. Then I talked to people who is already working in IT sector and also staying in my PG. then I decided to learn Android. And I joined one couching for Learning Android. it was almost 4 months but did not get any job that that time. Then after finishing my Android course I got one call from small startup. And that time I decided this is my first and last opportunity and anyhow i need to get this job. And I started preparing for Interview.

And When I reached for Interview, there was almost 30 people came for the interview. There was 3 rounds: 1st round was quant aptitude and this was the easiest for me because i had already prepared for qant and aptitude for 3 year while preparing for government job, and i was selected for the second round. And 2nd and 3rd round was technical. In last Hr came to me and told me your intervie got well. we will let you know. 1 week passed they did not call me then I called to Hr and asked my status.

Then he replied that you are selected. That time I literally started crying, and called to my sister and parents. Then next day I reached to office as discussed with HR and there I met with manager, I was very happy. Manager told me that you are selected but you need to work for 6 month without pay. I was shocked, I was thinking like I have done everything for getting this job. I means job without pay. I was laughing on my self. Even I accepted that offer. I completed my 6 month on that company without pay. after six month I got my first salary 15k. and Now I am getting 10+ lpa in another startup company. And now I am very happy. I have upgraded my skills and Now I am working as a full stack developer with Angular and node.

moral: work hard, keep patience, never lose your hope. And keep an eye to grab the opportunity.
What are the best career options to start fresh career at 30?
How can a 30-year-old start over, with no skills but willing to learn anything that can earn her/him some money?
demy. Every few weeks they have huge sales and their courses drop down to $10 or $15 a piece.

These courses are roughly equivalent to 1 – 3 college courses so for $15 you are getting about a $9, 000 education.

Pick a career and buy 5 or 10 or 15 courses. Each one is going to be 20 to 40 hours of training, and you will want to go through each one a couple times while practicing to make sure that you understand everything fully. That means your total investment in this turnaround is about 2 months.

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Qus.1. Is 30 Too Old to Start A Career?

NO, there is no age limit to start a Career, you can find job or career opportunity that make you happy and fulfilled.

Qus.2. Which Career is best after age 30?

1. Health Care
2. AI & Technology
3. Data Scientist
4. Blogging & YouTube
5. Video Editing

Qus.3. Is it Possible to be Successful after 30?

it is not a permanent Trait, is someone fails, struggling or not successful in their first half he will definitely get success in their Second half or after 30.

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