Abdul Karim Telgi biography 2023 | abdul karim telgi family now | abdul karim telgi wife – Shahida Telgi

“Abdul Karim Telgi biography 2023 | abdul karim telgi family now | abdul karim telgi wife – Shahida Telgi”

Abdul Karim Telgi biography 2023 :- Abdul Karim Telgi wife and abdul karim telgi family now and from Today in this topic we are talking about Abdul Karim Telgi He was a counterfeiter  So our blog shared the knowledge of Abdul Karim Telgi’s biography. I hope so you’ll like it and it is a beneficial article for knowledge. Abdul Karim Telugu full name Abdul Karim Lansaab Telki and nickname Kareem Lala mostly people call Karim Lala and Abdul Kalim famous by this name Kareem Lala he is famous for being the main convict in the Stampede Scam 2003 and this person already made a web series. His Was a professional counterfeiter.

Abdul Karim Telgi biography 2023 | abdul karim telgi family now | abdul karim telgi wife – Shahida Telgi

Abdul Karim Telgi was a famous forger who masterminded the fake stamp paper scam in India. He was born in 1961 in Karnataka, died in 2000, and was seventeen years old in Bengaluru due to multiple organ failures. He was involved in printing and selling counterfeit stamp papers worth 300 RS (US$3.8 billion) to several across the country, he was arrested in 2001 and sentenced to thirty years in prison and 10 billion (US$30 million ). Harshad Mehta here is a detailed biography of Abdul Karim Telugu including family career net worth and more. Here are the cover details for Abdul Karim Telgi.

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Who Is Abdul Karim Telgi?

Title Abdul Karim Telgi Bio
occupation Counterfeiter
Nationality Indian
Date of birth & 29 July 1961 to 2017
Religion Islam
Education B.Com and M.A. in Psychology
Hometown Khanpur, Karnataka
Family backround Father, who worked at the Indian Railways and died when Abdul was young; Mother (Homemaker), Wife, son & daughter
Fake Passport & Visa Company Name Arabian Metro Travels (New Marine Lines, Mumbai)
1993 Case Involved in visa racket

Abdul Karim Telgi’s family now

Abdul was born on July 29, 1961, and sadly died in 2017 due to certain health problems. Khanapur is a place in Karnataka where he was born. In the early years of his life, he used to stay with his family.

Abdul Karim’s father worked in Indian Railways and his mother was a housewife. The boy had to face many challenges in managing his family after the early death of his father. The sale of fruits and vegetables could not compensate for the family’s increasing financial demands. In his adulthood, he married and was blessed with 2 children; A son and a daughter.

Abdul Karim Telgi’s wife

Abdul Karim Telgi biography 2023 | abdul karim telgi family now | abdul karim telgi wife - Shahida Telgi

Abdul Karim’s Telugu wife is Shahida Telgi. Shahida was the name of his wife, who was the only person in his life after his family and brother.

Shahida Telgi is known to be the wife of Abdul Karim Telgi, a known forger and mastermind behind the fake stamp paper scam. She has been in the headlines ever since her husband’s illegal activities are the subject of an OTT thriller made by Hansal Mehta.

She hails from Khanpur, Belgaum, Karnataka. Sana is the daughter of Shahida and Abdul Karim Telgi.

According to court documents, Shahida Telgi was suffering from HIV and also had other medical problems. She, her husband, and some other people are named in the chargesheet in the multi-crore fake stamp paper box. After failing to appear in court twice, she was finally handed over in 2005.

In 2017, Shahida asked a court in Pune to take over Telgi’s benami properties and use them for the good of the country “as per her last wish”.

After a prolonged illness, Telgi, a multi-million dollar scam accused, died in October 2017 at a Bangalore hospital.

abdul karim telgi death reason

Scam 2003 : Who is Abdul Karim Telgi and who is Telgi’s wife Shahida & what happened to her?

Hansal Mehta is back with a spiritual sequel to the popular 2020 series Scam 1992- The Harshad Mehta Story, titled Ghotala 2003- The Telgi Story. The biographical financial thriller co-directed by Mehta and directed by Tusshar Hiranandani is based on Sanjay Singh’s book Telgi Ghutala: A Reporter’s Diary. Ghutala 2003: Telgi Story, starring Bharat Jadhav and Shaad Randhawa in important supporting roles, is scheduled to air on SonyLIV on September 1, 2023.

The makers of the upcoming OTT series Gagan Dev Riyar Abdul Karim Telgi starring Mukesh Tiwari and Sana Amin Shaikh in lead roles have released a new promotional video announcing the official release date after the teaser and trailer videos. Both were Exciting and action-packed.

The latest promotional clip offers a glimpse at some of the critical episodes that reveal the series’ central and most important characters. The recognizable score from the film starring Prateek Gandhi is also heard in the background of the new teaser.

abdul karim telgi partner

When Abdul Karim went to jail. He met one person In jail. He was a scammer and stole paper stump papers Abdul Karim had an idea in mind about how to steal stamp paper and remove marks easily Abdul Karim started this work and this mark charged that time 2 to 5RS. Abdul Karim Telugu continued this work and never stopped Then after some time he thought big his mind and the work and hired some people to do this work that time Abdul Karim had only one person handle this work so no one sure who is Abdul Karim Telgi partner but one person he is like a brother abdul Karim share and talking about this person.

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Abdul Karim Telgi’s brother

Abdul Karim Telugu has two brothers. one younger brother and one elder brother elder brother’s name is Abdul Rahim Telgi and the younger brother’s name is Abdul Azim Telgi. tushar Hira Nandani launched one series so you watch the brother’s story.    This series based on Abdul Karim was directed by Tushar Hiranandani. The 3 writers of this story were Karan Vyas, Kiran, and Kedar Patankar. You can watch the full drama on Sony Live after subscribing to this digital platform.


 Abdul Karim Telgi’s daughter

Sana Talikoti is the daughter of the Indian counterfeiter Abdul Karim Telgi, who was convicted in the 2003 stamp paper scam.

sana Thalikoti lives In Mumbai with her brother.

Abdul Karim Telgi’s death reason

Some reporters said this news is not 100% Truth. but after many years Abdul Kadeem struggled with health issues and Abdul lost his breath This is the reason Abdul Karim death and Abdul Karim death was on 23 October 2000 and 17 that time Abdul’s Health experts reported that Abdul had multiple internal injuries in his organs this one major reason Abdul Karim death.

Abdul Karim Telgi’s wife’s death

about abdul karim Telgi’s Wife’s death no on on the best reason of death of abdul karim telgi’s wife death .


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